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All_about_Ipods86790's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[19 Sep 2007|09:09pm]
I apologize ahead of time if any rules are broken, or people offended.

"If you post this anywhere/everywhere; I'll give you ten percent of what I make off of it. It's my 60 gig photo ipod that's in need of a hard-drive. I really need to sell it, and if you help 'promote' that, I'd love you forever, pay for a movie or dinner or something like that, and all that jazz.
I've only posted on here, lj, and myspace. I am not an member of anything else. If you're an avid Craig'sList person, do you think you could help me out? I've never used that, before, and would love it if you could just post it somewhere. Also, if you know of any other place, and feel like being nice to/for me, I'd more than appreciate it."

[12 Sep 2007|08:09am]
Alright, I have a 60gig Photo; so there's most likely no way for me to buy or get parts or accesories or such. But, I thought you'd be able to help me despite that. So, yesterday itunes wasn't working or something, so I downloaded the newest version. Once that was all situated, my ipod wouldn't show up, nor would it even show up under "my computer". Not just that, but I couldn't even "safely remove hardware". So, I unplugged my ipod, risking my music, and it wouldn't do anything but have that no sign and "do not disconnect". So, then, I tried hooking it up to my ihome, and that still didn't work. And now, I'm trying to charge it, and nothing is coming up.
What am I supposed to do?
Please help.

Coutureicontest LIMS [19 Jun 2007|01:19am]

coutureicontest coutureicontest coutureicontest coutureicontest coutureicontest

Come and join in on the most haute couture LIMS on livejournal!
We will be doing a lot of regular challenges, as well as 200x200, header, signature challenges and anything else we can think of!! You can also join in on the regular weekly challenges featuring hot couture fashion, amazing photographers and sexy models ;)

[27 Jan 2007|01:59pm]

Not So Glamorous is the VERY FIRST icon contest community for CELEBRITY CANDIDS!!!
We are currently looking for new member so that we can get the challenges started :) Please visit and join, and give us some feedback on the types of challenges you would like to see. It's going to be a lot of fun.

notso_glam notso_glam notso_glam notso_glam notso_glam

Do you like America's Next Top Model hose Tyra Banks?? Do you like to make icons?? Well then tyra_challenge is perfect for you!!
We are currently hosting our second round of LIMS, but we also have regular challenges. We would love for you to keep our community alive! We always love new and creative entries. Please visit us and give us your feedback on the types of challenges YOU like, because we always want to please our members :D

tyra_challenge tyra_challenge tyra_challenge tyra_challenge tyra_challenge

DVD Quality Video possible? [15 Jan 2007|06:21pm]

Hi all, I just bought a 5.5 gen IPOD, and I was experimenting with converting/ripping dvds to ipod compatible formats. The programs I have used so far are "clonedvd" and "AVS Video Converter". While both these programs do the converting, they destroy the quality(even of the highest quality settings). File size is not an issue for me, so I would really like to keep my videos in a format that would look good using the TV connection cables sold at the apple store and put on my regular TV. Can you guys recommend any software that converts DVD or DVD quality video to IPOD without lowering its quality/filesize significantly? Is it even possible to have dvd quality video on the ipod?

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